Project design

Following the project PHARE 2005 worth 5.8 million euros, of which 63% were European funds and the balance being provided by the local council Turda and Cluj County Council, a project whose main objective was the modernization site to increase tourist attraction , Salina Turda became one of the important sights of Transylvania.

Modernization have resulted in:

– Rudolph Mine: building a panoramic lift, a mini golf track, two tracks minibowling, a sports field, a 180-seat amphitheater, a carousel and was built a playground for children.
– Theresa Mine opened to the public, access is possible through mine hearth circulation compartment with stairs or a lift. Underground lake has been arranged to give the tourists a romantic boat ride to 112 m deep in the mountain of salt.
– Gisela-Mine (stationary room) was adapted and transformed to serve exclusively the work of health treatment.
– Entry-Pavilion was arranged the second entry into the mine, Salt Valley, the Durgau.