Schedule: Monday – Sunday 09.00 – 21.00.

Durgau Strand treatment and recreation

Early treatment at the spa are located in Turda time in 1840 when Dr. Joseph Hanko Salt Baths Turda build the resort, by arranging the Roman lake. Lakes of Durgau have been used for bathing and empirical therapy with minimal facilities since the nineteenth century. Mineralized water chlorine were used to treat rheumatic diseases, peripheral circulation and gynecological disorders.

High content of sodium chloride (rock salt) water from lakes (10% surface, 28% at 30 m depth) makes heliothermic be very intense. Planning and Round lakes from Ocna Durgau, is a first step towards turning complex therapeutic potential of the area.

With a long tradition, during the summer, the lakes formed mineralized salt on old mining sites, offer tourists a wonderful place for recreation and relaxation in a natural setting.

For convenience of tourists there are sunbathing spaces, sand, wooden pontoons, showers and a bar terrace.

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Lacul Ocnei - 1933

Lacul Ocnei 1933Strand Durgau - 2010

Strand Durgau – 2010