The Salt Mine

Medicinal Bath Salt
Turda Salt Mine microclimate has a proper behavior and factors that provide optimal conditions for the implementation of various rehabilitation therapies in internal diseases and in prevention and sanogenesis.
The specific benefits are:
– constant air temperature, relatively low ranging between 11-12 g C in all stages of determining the points and allows the body’s adaptation and acclimatization;
– Relative humidity also minimum values  varying between 78-82% to entry into the mine and averages between 73-80% in different rooms (room Rudolf, Gisela room, etc.) with beneficial effects on airway mucociliary apparatus enabling work optimum temperature and saturated atmosphere;
– air movement is virtually negligible, the entry in saline 0.64-0.70 m / sec, in Rudolf room 0.02 m / sec; – the presence of salt aerosol particles of solid;
– low ionization ions in varying amounts with the predominance of positive ions, in the room Rudolf (n + = 438, n-= 307), ionization of the air inside the mine is outside offering curative effect;
-concentration of allergens is virtually zero, microbiological examinations did not reveal the presence of pathogenic yeasts and fungi has thus respecting the clean air condition (total number of bacteria in a cubic meter is under 2000 in all measurements performed);
– minimum-radioactivity, the results achieved are below minimum detectable activity of 0.1 pCOl air radon 222.

Conditions of Turda salt mine microclimate of therapeutic and preventive approach to allow more types of illnesses. A special place prophylaxis and treatment of respiratory and ENT. Allergic respiratory diseases or chronic evolving infectious and allergic (asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD) may improve the course of gradual and increasing exposure combined with respiratory physiotherapy sessions (gym equipment). Exposure to salt mine microclimate has beneficial effects on the airways in people with occupational risk factors, or environmental (emissions, gas, tobacco, etc.), thereby reducing morbidity. Children, youth and adolescents benefit from improved respiratory function by promoting growth and development of a better use of oxygen. Physical exercise also takes place in optimal conditions, and could be individual or collective sports.

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