Turda Salt Mine 15-17 of August

by / Monday, 18 August 2014 / Published in Events

We are proud to inform you,that the Turda Salt Mine,has reached a peak of 6000 visitors/day,during the short holiday stretched between  the 15th and 17th of August. The average number of tourists visiting the mine during these 3 days is approximately . 6000/day ,the highest and the record breaking  number being registered in the 15th of August ,consisting of 6302 visitors.

Also, the official web page of the Turda Salt Mine,www.salinaturda.eu,has registered the highest number of unique visitors during the month of July,with  a total of 51 000 views,along with the official facebook page,Salina Turda-Durgau, being visited by 72 000 users,and registering approximately  32 000 likes.

The Turda Salt Mine,is honored to have been visited by tourists all across the world,starting from USA,India,Thailand,France,Italy and Rusia,ending with Hungary and Republic Of Moldavia.

The high number of tourists is due to the well thought marketing strategy, applied by the Turda Salt Mine’s  management department,along with the participation in different tourism fairs, and active support and promotion through social networking and mass-media.

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