“The Monaco of Drone Racing” Drone Champions League, 18 to 20 November in Romania

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This growing cult sport has already triggered much hype in America and Asia – and the Drone Champions League is also conquering Europe in a big way. just as spectacular and unique as the drones’ manoeuvres are the Drone Champions League race venues: the inaugural race in August was played out against the backdrop of the historic ruins of Schlosskopf fortress in Reutte, Austria. From 18 to 20 November, the drones will tackle the 3D race track at the Romanian Turda Salt Mine, hitting speeds of 130 km/h.

“Salina Turda” is one of the oldest and most famous salt mines in Romania.
Salt was trawled from here and the surrounding area as far back as Roman times. Operations began at the mine in 1690 during the Habsburg empire, with today’s site constituting what remains since the mine closed in 1932. In 2010 the chambers were restored and several recreational attractions added. On average, more than 4,000 visitors visit the current mine site every weekend. And the spectacular drone race in November should see a good few more through the gates: “Salina Turda is investing a lot of money in its infrastructure for the upcoming drone race. We want to become like the Monaco Formula One race of the season for this new motor sport,” states Adrian Soporan, marketing director for the salt mine landmark: “We are heralding a long-term and exclusive partnership,” confirmed the marketing executives of this subterranean theme park. Organizer and initiator of this spectacular event is Drone Champions AG, with founder and CEO Herbert Weirather, in collaboration with agency WWP Weirather-Wenzel & Partner.

Shown live around the world. All drone fans unable to attend the race live will still be able to get in on the action. With the support of Vodafone, the race will be transmitted in the form of a live stream: “We are proud to be broadcasting the Drone Champions League at this very unique venue. We will transmit all the phenomenal images and emotions and I am convinced that we will attract even more attention from around the world than we did for our first race in Austria,” said Herbert Weirather.
Viewing figures for the inaugural race in Reutte were already more than impressive: a cumulative 21 million people caught the action.

Camera with live feed. Drone Races are a new, up-and-coming sport where pilots negotiate their drones round defined race tracks via headsets. A camera is mounted onto each drone transmitting live images through the video goggles worn by racers. Four pilots at a time compete simultaneously against each other, with the respective winners going through to the knock-out stage. Spectators at the venue can watch the race via a video screen, thus experiencing every overtaking manoeuvre up close from a first-person perspective. The Romania race will see the world’s best pilots up against each other, including Luke Bannister, top of the world rankings at just sixteen years old, followed by thirty-year-old Czech Jan Mittner. Challenging this duo will be superstar newcomer from Korea, Min Chan Kim (((der sich den wird. > who is set to…GERMAN TEXT INCOMPLETE???)) So the starting grid for the Drone Champions League features nothing less than a stellar line-up of world-class talent.

The Drone Champions League

Similar to motor sport, the Drone Champions League is contested by racing teams. Each team nominates 4 pilots to compete in the races for their team. In the race itself, each pilot competes individually in a “four racer heat”. A race consists of 5 laps and lasts for approximately two minutes. 40 pilots (10 teams) take part in the qualification round, with only 32 pilots making it through to the knock-out competition to decide the eventual race winner. The top 12 competitors at the end of each Drone Champions League race are awarded a certain number of points. The pilot with the most points at the end of the season is the overall winner of the Drone Champions League.
The pilots have to successfully navigate every gate and obstacle in order for a round to count as valid. If several copters crash in a single heat, the circuit distance completed by the racers prior to crashing determines the points awarded.
The MRP and TBS teams are currently neck and neck in the standings ahead of the last two races of the season. So far MRP has produced impressively consistent results whereas TBS has had more than a few failures to contend with.

We are proud to have our partners on board, all who make this championship possible.
Vodafone, Trilux and Conrad.

18. – 20. NOVEMBER 2016
Friday: From 10:00 Training
Saturday: From 10:00 Training
From 12:00 Qualification
From 17:00 Main Event
Sunday: From 10:00 Training
From 17:00 Qualification & Main Event

More info: 0364-260.940, www.salinaturda.eu, www.facebook.com/salinaturda
Tiket reservation: evenimente@salinaturda.eu

Swimming is health! The new schedule of Didactical Swimming pool!

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The didactical swimming pool administrated by Turda Salina Durgau S.A. is informing all swimming enthusiasts, beginning with 02.03.2015 the swimming pool schedule will suffer  some modifications:

Monday – Friday: 09:00 – 19:00

Saturday: 15:00 – 21:00                                Public open

Sunday: 09:00 – 21:00


Monday – Friday: 19:00 – 21:00

Saturday: 09:00 – 15:00                                open for Sport Clubs and swimming lessons


The schedule modification is made because of big number of children enrolled for swimming lessons and because of the Sport Clubs which reserved the water lane. We inform you that is compulsory to wear swimming cap as is written in the internal rules legislation.  The swimming pool is 1.20m to 1.80m deep, 5 lanes (2.5m each) with the water temperature between 26⁰C and 28⁰C. The capacity is 60 persons simultaneously and is having showers and 4 locker rooms. We also inform you that we still receive requests for enrolling children at swimming lessons to frame by age groups or level of knowledge: beginners, medium or advanced. The requests can be made for adults as well and all the lessons are made by the swimming pool instructors.

For more information you can contact us at tel nr: +40364/100102; +40735/195518, or at Turda Didactical Swimming Pool reception.

We are welcoming you to practice sport for a nice and healthy body!

Free „Audio-Guide” in Turda Salt Mine

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From 20th August in Turda Salt Mine you have the possibility to download a free “audio-guide” in 3 different language : romanian, english and hungarian. The „Audio-Guide” is FREE and it can be dowloaded from  AppStore/GooglePlay/Windows Phone Store. Because not in all the visitable chambers the Wi-Fi signal is good, please dowload your app before you are going in the mine and use it in offline mode.


Concert of the 60+ orchestra

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We are glad to inform you that Sunday, 24th august, in the Rudolf Mine amphitheater , starting at 12:00 we will have a concert of the 60+ orchestra. We are waiting for every folk music lovers but also those who just want to wonder a little about the special acoustic of the Rudolf Mine!

Turda Salt Mine 15-17 of August

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We are proud to inform you,that the Turda Salt Mine,has reached a peak of 6000 visitors/day,during the short holiday stretched between  the 15th and 17th of August. The average number of tourists visiting the mine during these 3 days is approximately . 6000/day ,the highest and the record breaking  number being registered in the 15th of August ,consisting of 6302 visitors.

Also, the official web page of the Turda Salt Mine,www.salinaturda.eu,has registered the highest number of unique visitors during the month of July,with  a total of 51 000 views,along with the official facebook page,Salina Turda-Durgau, being visited by 72 000 users,and registering approximately  32 000 likes.

The Turda Salt Mine,is honored to have been visited by tourists all across the world,starting from USA,India,Thailand,France,Italy and Rusia,ending with Hungary and Republic Of Moldavia.

The high number of tourists is due to the well thought marketing strategy, applied by the Turda Salt Mine’s  management department,along with the participation in different tourism fairs, and active support and promotion through social networking and mass-media.

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Public concert al Salt Mine Turda

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Sunday, 08.03.2014, starting at 14, Turda Salt Mine prepares a big surprise for  visitors, a group of over 20 young people will be pleased with a public concert. Considering that July 29 was the day of the national anthem they will be pleased to sing the national anthem with the European Anthem (Ode to Joy). Young people come from Pentecostal Church Turda.

Great news for Turda Salt Mine is arriving from Tripadviser.com!

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Great news for Turda Salt Mine is arriving from Tripadviser.com!

Tripadviser.com ,the most popular web page on giving straightforward feedback and opinions from tourists that have visited touring points all over the world, offers an excellency diploma to Turda Salt Mine .As result to the positive feedback that Turda Salt Mine has received from its visitors, the Salt Mine has scored a 4,5 point result out of 5 possible, therefore being classified as one of the most remarkable and important tourist attraction, with rising interest among the tourists across the world .Tripadviser acclaims Turda Salt Mine’s work and efforts invested there for keeping up the high standards for its visitors.

A well deserved Excellency Diploma,in the tourism and hospitality field across the world,and strongly supported by the continuously ascending number of visitors.


Traditional music concert at Turda Salt Mine

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Saturday and Dunday (26-27th of July 2014) in Turda Salt Mine, there will be a  traditional  music concert.

To this folkloric show will participate esambels from Greece and different zones from Romania: Galati, Jibou, Botosani,

Bailesti and of coures, from Turda.

The schedule is:


10:00-11:00 LITI FOLK DANCE GROUP – Greece

CUNUNA – Jibou


11:00-12:30 Regal of fanfare:


PROMENADA – Campia Turzii

JUMP – Cluj-Napoca




10:30-12:00 BALADA – Botosani

BOBOCICA – Bailesti



This esambles are presented in Turda for the International Festival of Folklore.


“Chemarea Muntilor”, event orgnanised by Turda Hall, the City Council of Turda, the Municipality Culture House,

and Comori Ardelene Association with Turda Salt Mine beeing the Guest House for the guests. The concerts will continue

also in Teilor Prak.

Those who are inlove with tradition and folklore are invited to attent at a nice concert in a unique location,

in Turda Salt Mine amphiteatre, at 80 meters below the surface.

Salling Oldstar

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Friday, 11th of July 2014, starting at 3 P.M,  tourists which will visit Turda Salt Mine, will have the surprise to admire the gymnastics team Salling Oldstar.

The mine being visited by Indonesian and South – Korean tourists.

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Thanks to the good marketing activity , in the last period the number of Asian tourists are increasing , the mine being visited by Indonesian and South – Korean tourists.

Penticost Day at Salina Turda

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The number of tourists on 8th and 9th June,2014 were more than 4000 tourists per day. Thank you for choosing us and we are waiting for all the tourists!

Armando Costantino’s article about Turda Salt Mine

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Armando Costantino is originally from Milan, Italy.  He’s a film director and freelance videographer. He’s been a digital nomad for over a year, starting his journey on foot and upgrading to a Westy named ‘Mork,’ with his partner Melony.

His website is a compilation of travel tips, videos and resources we’ve either created or found helpful.

Thank you Armando for visiting us !

See article here: http://westfaliadigitalnomads.com/turda-salt-mine-seminar-cluj/


Turda Salt Mine was visited by Răzvan Petrișor from TVR television

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Turda  Salt Mine was visited by Răzvan Petrișor from TVR television. You can watch the reportage on  11th April -2014(Friday) at 6.00 pm ,on 12th April-2014 (Saturday ) at 01.35 am on TVR International, on 13th April -2014(Sunday)at 9.30 am  on the TVR –Republic of Moldova.

Thank you Răzvan Răzvan Petrișor !

Turda Salt Mine was visited by the general manager of Red Cross Ireland

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On 7th of March, the Salt Mine was visited by a delegation from Red Cross. The delegation was represented by Donal Forde, general manager of Red Cross Ireland, Bratu Simona – director Red Cross Cluj, Anca Ștefan – data operator and Popa Flavia  – volunteer.

P1150207 P1150196 P1150190

The Salt Mine was visited on 4th March, 2014 by the Saint-Gobain delegation

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The Salt Mine was visited on 4th March, 2014 by the Saint-Gobain delegation :  Claude Imauven, Senior Vice-President, President of the Construction Products Sector, Didier Roux, Vice-President of the Group in charge of R&D  and  Mircea Popescu  Managing Director SGPRO W.

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The SALT MINE is present in ” We are HAPPY in Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA”.

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Turda Salt Mine was visited by the the team from Prima TV

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Turda Salt Mine was visited by the  the team from Prima TV on the 19th of February 2014 and it was realised a reportage. Turda Salt Mine welcomed them with pleasure.

See here.